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Payroll management in India is the common statutory requirements of a company.

  • If companies fail to adhere to statutory compliance, they may have to face heavy penalties which are several times more than complying with legal guidelines.
  • Minimum Wages act where in fixing of wage for skilled and unskilled labors in order to bare minimum survival of worker including education, medical etc..
  • Empxtrack Payroll where complex requirement is focused.
  • Overtime wages to worker in a manufacturing and construction sector

TDS Deduction – HRA, special allowance, Leave travel allowance, children education allowance, Medical allowance, Investments are components of TDS deduction under section 192 of Income tax Act 1961.

  • ESI fund and PF Deduction- Employees with 15000 or less wage are applicable for salary in cash and medical benefits not just to employ but to their families too.
  • PF is contributory fund of an employ or the dependents after retirement

Employment Taxes – deduction from gross income

Gratuity- Ex -Employee who at least served the company for five years. (Basic + DA divided by 26 X no. yrs of service X 15)

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