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Chartered Accountant and Financial Advisor in Delhi NCR


We appoint professional to understand your business legal and regulatory requirement and suggest accordingly .

Audit and Assurance Services

Get Technical help from PSGA qualified CA's on advisory services, professional networking & business development.

Corporate Advisory and Support

PSGA can help you with your business structure, capital marketing, company formation that affects taxes

International Taxation Advisory

Take PSGA guidance in International Business like TDS rates under DTAA, MAP, transfer pricing etc.


Experience professional from PSGA can guide you about GST, Central government tax, state government tax, local body tax

Transaction Advisory and Support

Refer PSGA Lead Advisory, restructuring, Operational transaction, Transaction support, Transaction tax, Valuation etc.

Tax Advisory & Compliance

PSGA assist you in financial statements, income tax returns for individuals, partnership, trusts, and companies.


A team of qualified and vastly experienced professional offering tax efficient solution tailor-made to meet the requirements of our clientele.
Our team comprises of a set of Layers and Chartered Accountants to get in the details of the work and give you the best possible the solution in your case.
Mr. Puneet Gupta- FCA

Ms. Shikha Gupta – FCA

The two partners of the firm. They have been associated with the firm since its inception. The office is an independent set up and endeavour is focused on personalized service to clients. The workforce comprises of quality and professional personnel other than the partners

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Three Fold Promises

We have experienced set of professional to analyse your requirement and offer you best possible services in your budget in the required time frame.

Personal Attention

Positive Solution


We have been building Trust and delivered satisfaction to our clients for the Last 20 years.

YEAR 1999-2003
YEAR 2003-2007
YEAR 2007-2011
YEAR 2011-2015
YEAR 2015-2019

YEAR 1999-2003


Started in 1999-2003 with no fixed business model, to make business viable it gave free trial to people to try out the services. It worked and with spread of mouth and more clients came for advice on minimal possible charges. Mr. Puneet Gupta with 2 assistance took effort on entire process personally to every client case. This is how PSGA started its growth journey without the strong financial foundation.

YEAR 2003-2007


2003-2007 By the time PSGA developed its product and built it services. Extreme interaction was no more confusion. Feedback of every client was taken positively. Solution to the situation was not only the criteria of the services but pre planning advise became trend of the company.

Challenges it faced at the Capacity wall stage
· Managing Cash Reserves
· Managing Sales Expectations
· Accounting Management
· Establishing Customer Base
· Establishing Market Present

YEAR 2007-2011


2007-2011 was the phase of dealing competition. PSGA hired smart people with complementary skills with the focus to give the customers personalized attention which it worked on from the initial stage of business establishment, It created different departments to take care of both company internal growth and client satisfaction.

Challenges it faced at the Growth and Adaptability stage

  • Dealing with Increasing Revenue
  • Dealing with Increasing Customers
  • Accounting Management

YEAR 2011-2015


2011- 2015 PSGA expanded its product and services to not just Indian clients but International clients. It extensively worked on merger acquisition, FDI , new ventures, setting up company as an NRI, resident Indian. It grew will all possibilities of product development and business expansion.

Challenges it faced at the Expansion stage
· Increasing Market Competition
· Accounting Management

YEAR 2015-2019

Our clients include a broad range of Public and private sector companies, partnership firms, liaison offices, trusts and HUFs from across the industry spectrum.

  • Tools we have developed in these years are
  • Robust internal knowledge management systems
  • High quality of service, thereby creating value and instilling confidence.
  • Vastly experienced and well qualified audit team
  • We are specialized in Taxation, Internal taxation, Corporate Advisory, Transition Advisory & support
    services, corporate law,…


  • We do what we say.
  • We understand your situation, solve your problem.
  • We care for your asset no matter how small it is.
  • We not only complete the work but let you know the consequence behind it.
  • We built a relationship whom you can rely upon and clear your doubts, you can trust us.
  • You get personal attention by our professional for your Financial queries.
  • We simplify the financial jargon, to taxpayer.


  • PSGA is actively engaged in a multi-disciplinary practice, serving eminent clients.
  • Our strategy involves implementing internal knowledge management systems to deliver performance-based, industry-tailored and technology- enabled business advisory services to clients.
  • Developing a special relationship with our clients forms the basis of our approach. It rests on a three-fold promise of: Personal attention, Practical expert advice, Positive solutions.


  • To enable our clients to address challenges posed by a rapidly changing business
  • we offer a wide range of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing your company’s business performance.
  • Tax Advisory & Compliance Services
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Transaction Advisory &
  • International TaxationAudit and Assurance Services


Mr. Puneet and Ms Shikha Gupta team has solution for all your occasion may it be retirement, Insurance, taxes, education, property, marriage, investment.

Ms Shikha Gupta (FCA)

Ms Shikha Gupta (FCA)

Mr. Puneet Gupta (FCA)

Mr. Puneet Gupta (FCA)


Tax Law are subject to frequent changes. PSGA a financial firm keeps updating viewer on slightest changes from government through blogs and articles. You can write us for tips.

20 Years of Experience
2 Partners
50 Awards
289 Professionals Working Together